Connection is not private / SSL issues

Hi, I purchased a custom domain to use in my profile (
I managed to set the custom domain however it seems the connection is not secure and instead of showing my Sleek page it displays a security error (NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID).

How can I fix it? Should I be installing a custom SSL certificate somehow?


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Hi @caro1986, i restarted the SSL issue process. Now you should be able to see with https.

Thanks a lot @marco !! Much appreciated.


@marco would you be able to do the same for me? I am having the same issue @

Hi @marco I have the same issue on my domain Can I have this fixed as well? Thanks

Hi @marco

I have problem getting into my website it keeps saying your connection is not private.
You can check my dns setting, because I’m not sure whether I’m doing it right or not.

Thank you

Hello @marco, Can You help me with my domain? I’m having a similar issue (

Thanks you!

@jorgesvega, done :slight_smile:

Thanks you! :smiley:

Me too! It is coming out as unsecured with a warning from my browser to turn back…



Thanks – works great!


hola, tengo elmismo problema marco, con mi pagina,, gracias de antemano.

Hi, Marco -
I’m having the same issue at and just purchased a new SSL certificate. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you,

Hi @mandylipka, i’ve fixed this. But you don’t have to buy a certificate you’ll get one from for free

Thanks, @marco. I thought so.

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I have the same problem with! and SSL certificate.Please help!!!

Hey @krbu have regenerated your SSL certificate :white_check_mark:

and same for med

Hey @henper10 it seems you have the wrong A-Records. Take a look at

Hi Marco … i have the same issue for Can you please help me to fix that