Email as call to action


Is there any reason why call to action is limited just to URL and some weird subscription option?

I tried using mailto: which is on of legal “href” options but it not allowed.


My main action is - I would like some to contact me. And email as small “@” sign is not really obvious and for sure for from call to action

Hi @akrawet,

good point, thank you. I’ll add an option to use a mail cta and let you know when it’s done.

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thanks for a quick response!

just changed validation rule for link would be enough for me :slight_smile:

Hi @akrawet, i forgot to notify you about the changes. So you can now simply add your button text and add your email like ‘’ as url. :+1:


great info @marco but it is not working unfortunately :frowning:

I mean I have just tried using mailto before checking this thread and got transformed to :

Then after reading here I also have tried just an email and then when I click edit I have

Oh that’s strange, @akrawet i have just tested it and it should work. Can you check the attached screenshot? Do you have tried it like this?

Hi, I tested it once again :slight_smile:

After entering: and saving it right away it works :slight_smile:

Even when you open edit page after that it works.

Problem is when you click on this button in preview mode and try to edit it before saving - at least adding some hint would be nice :wink:

Also to be honest - it is a bit misleading that you have to put email as “external link”

Seems to be working with Outlook, but not with Gmail…Can someone assist with this issue, please?