How can i add ssl certificate

How can i add ssl certificate

Welcome @sharmdev2506. Your SSL certificate should be issues automatically. Since this didn’t seem to work for your domain, I triggered the process manually.

Hi @marco it seems like you may have to trigger the process manually for my site too. Thank you. My site is

Hey @huwehm I can not trigger the process. You have two A-records now please remove the other one and let me now than I can start the generation process :slight_smile:

Hi @marco thank you. I was looking out for another A record and couldn’t find it until I read a namecheap tutorial and learned that the ‘URL redirect’ record and the A record were conflicting. I’ve deleted the URL redirect now. I believe it should work now? Or are you going to trigger it manually now? Do I have to remove and add my domain again? What’s the next step?

Thank you so much again.

It works now!

This is what I did (for those who may have similar issues)

  1. I checked my DNS settings and deleted conflicting A name records. If you’re using namecheap, this will mean deleting the URL redirect record.
  2. Then I removed my domain on sleek page and added it again.

Voila! SSL certificate is very active now and my site is connected to my domain name.

Thanks @marco

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