No photo uploader in my profile theme?

Hi Marco,

I’m currently trying to customize my profile using the “Izzy Theme”, and strangely, there is no option or button to upload pictures, as there was in another theme I’ve used in another account. I want to put some images in the right side of the profile, as shown in the theme example:

However, there isn’t any button allowing me the option of uploading any sort of images, and copying and pasting an image hosted on another server just doesn’t work, either. Please let me know what can be done to correct this issue, so I can complete my profile. Also, pressing “Enter” does not result in any + icon/button that might allow me to upload an image, as suggested in another post. The web browser I’m using is Firefox Quantum 64-bit, verson 75.0, if that’s helpful to know?

I’ve already asked you for assistance with this (and some other issues) in a private chat, but then I thought since others may also be experiencing this problem it may help to post it here, so they can see any solution that may be provided.

Thank you again,


Hey, Marco… I’ve just discovered I do get that + icon in Google Chrome, but ONLY after I’ve hit “Enter” to space down a line, then hit the backspace key to move back up one line! That’s the only way that icon even shows up in Google Chrome! Nothing makes it appear in Firefox. Just thought I’d let you know… thanks.