Security issue with my domain

Hello there!

I’ve been experiencing an issue with my domain. I connected it to my sleek page and when entering to the website it says that the page cannot be trusted and the connection to the site is not secure.

My domain is from namecheap. (I give this info just in case it helps)

Any solution for this? I don’t know what went wrong.

Thanks for your attention.

Welcome @kaanfitzgerald :wave:,

the SSL certificate for your domain was apparently not issued correctly. I’ll check out why and issue a new SSL certificate.

Thanks @marco

I’ll be checking the site and keep you posted.

Have a good day!

Hi @kaanfitzgerald it should work now :+1:

I have the same issue. May I just send you my SSL bundle via DM?

Hi @xephyr, we do not support other SSL certificates. issues SSL automatically if you have setup the correct DNS settings.

You don’t need to buy an extra SSL certificate. Just setup the correct A-Record and / or CNAME-Record pointing to the IP address that is displayed.

@xephyr can you DM me a screenshot with your current DNS settings? You can also send it to marco {at}

@marco I’m having the same problem, ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID error. could you help me fix this out?

Hi @subsky please check your DNS settings. It’s not pointing to (see

Hello Marco, was my bad, I think I fixed it now :slight_smile: Thank you!

I have the same issue. Thanks for help!

I have this same issue right now. I’ll like to have it resolved quickly please. Using namecheap and have SSL certificate issue.

Hi @huwehm, you have made a CNAME record. Please use the following format for your domain Type

A @

Then add your domain again.

Thank you @marco I got rid of the warning page. And my domain works fine. However, it’s acting like the SSL isn’t active. This is what I get on the address bar instead of the padlock icon:Screenshot_1

What can I do to get everything working fine?

Thank you again for your first suggestion. It helped.

It is working fine now. I deleted conflicting A name record from my DNS settings and readded the domain on sleek page. Thanks.

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