"Unexpected error" when adding domain

Yesterday, I tried connecting my domain to the page, but it resulted in SSL problems, so I reverted it back to my sleek.page address.

When adding the domain today, I get this error:

Thanks in advance for the help!

I have fixed that, too :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I have the same issue as fjordstrom, I removed and re-added the domain to try and resolve the SSL problem but I now see “an unexpected error has occurred”. Can you please assist?

Thank you,

Hello, I have the same issue while trying to add tim.othee.fr :confused:
Can you please assist?
Thank you.

I want to add my sleek account to my Instagram bio, but in order for someone to check out my sleek page the potential customer have to make a sleek account. Is there a way i can make my sleek page open to the public without someone to create having to create a sleek account to login?

Hi @jakee, can you DM me your domain name so I can check that?

Hey @timothee, I’m sorry for the delay :pray:. I have added your domain manually!

Hi Marco, thanks for offering to help. This may be a simple question, but how do I do DM?

@jakee send you a DM

Hi @marco I’m facing the same issue. I did add guw.io, then removed it. Now I cannot add it back to my account. Thanks!