👋 Welcome to Sleek.page Froum

This is the central forum for all discussion and support for the Sleek.page community. This topic is a general overview of how everything works, and where to find everything you need. :tada:

Making a Post :new:

The Sleek.page community forum is a discussion board, with a few extra pieces of functionality baked in. Here’s a quick overview of the main aspects:

The forum is made up of categories , when you post a new topic, please make sure it’s in the correct category. If you need help, use the #help category, and so on. Most categories are organised by whatever the most recent topic of conversation is.

There are three notable exceptions:

Ideas / Suggestions :thinking:

If you have an idea, feature request, suggestion, or hunch about something which you would like to see in Sleek.page - you can make a post in the #Ideas category. Posts in this category can be voted on by other members, so it’s easy for the Sleek.page core team to get a sense of what most people want.

Ideas should be for things which are new features or functionality which does not yet exist in Sleek.page. If you’re just having a problem or have found a bug which you need some help with, then post in #help.

News :rocket:

The community forum also powers all of the comments on our official blog(s), and these are created automatically in the #news category. New topic creation here is automatic, and restricted – but anyone can reply to new topics once they’re started. All replies are displayed publicly on blog.Sleek.page.org and dev.Sleek.page.org

Talk :speech_balloon:

Everything that doesn’t fit into one of the other categories comes in here. Here you can introduce yourself and your site or ask off-topic questions.

Do not spam.

How to get help as quickly as possible

I understand that a lot of people join the community when they need a hand configuring, running or doing something with Sleek.page, and they’re in a hurry to get answers. So, here’s everything you need to know about how to get help as quickly as possible:

This is a community forum - There are no full-time staff here. Sleek.page is an project build and run by me @marco . This forum exists for Sleek.page users to help each other and as soon as I have time, I’ll jump into the conversation. So…

Be nice - Given that the only people here to help you are your peers, if you show up with a bad attitude, give no context or useful information, or just generally act like a jerk – people aren’t going to be super interested in helping. If you’re polite and friendly, though, you might be surprised just how much others are willing to lend a hand.

Give back - If you do get your issue solved, consider paying it forward and giving a little something back. Maybe write a post about how you solved your issue (for others to find) or help someone else with a different topic that you know the answer to. Quid pro quo, Clarice.

If you’re still stuck… - No thing, I’m here to help. I regularly check in where and how I can help.

Code of Conduct

All posts on the Sleek.page community are subject to our code of conduct , in addition to standard community guidelines . TLDR - If you behave like a dick, you’re getting kicked out. Zero tolerance.